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Hi, I love your 'I Feel Free' game. Kinda corny, but I was looking to make something a little like that :). So, 2 things, 1. Can you put a walkthrough for the I Feel Free game (lame, I know)? And 2. Can you give me some tips on making something like this? Thanks!
Back… again!

I am blogging again! Woohoo! What did I do while I was gone? Well…

First of all, I finished a game! None of the games I’ve blogged about, oh no. It was a Game-in-Ten-Days entry, and I worked on it about two weeks after the contest. It looks something like this:

I’m trying to get a sponsorship for this one. It’s up for bidding right now (no bids so far, but I’m hopeful). I’ll be sure to post a link once it’s up somewhere for public viewing.

I’m working on a few other games as well which may or may not ever be completed. Since you don’t read this text anyway, here’s another picture:

I’ve also been doing a bit of freelance work on the side. Not much, really, but a bit.

Lastly, I transferred colleges… today. I get to finally take the programming classes I’d like to take. No more general requirements. I am just too awesome for general requirements. Classes start Monday, so I will be more busy, but hopefully progress on my N* incomplete games won’t slow down too much.

*Where N is a number between “a lot” and “infinity”.


I was going to play Diablo today. I’ve heard a lot about it. The menu screen made me realize how old it was.

Click here for full size image.


I spent spring break watching Evangelion. Most of the anime wasn’t much to speak of, but the ending was pretty crazy.


Someone read my blog without me blatantly telling them to! I am surely nearing epic fame and fortune now! They demanded more updates, so I am providing them, in a somewhat meta fashion!

In other news, I made this yesterday.

My last 10 days.

I have been working on an entry for the Kongregate Game in Ten Days. It’s taken up all my time, and the end result had so many bugs I’m not even going to link to it. I’ve fixed most of them now, but it’s 5 hours past the deadline.

Here’s my devlog for the game so far. Expect to see a full release eventually.

Also pig game is not dead. It’s coming very cloooose to completion.

The State of Random Crud

Following the timely blog post titling trend, I am going to give an Address about the state of stuff.

Development on the pig game is going slow-ish, but nearing completion. Pretty much all of the functionality is built, it’s just a matter of building the one big level that will make up the game. I’m waiting for the guy I’m working with to finish up the level editor for this.

Anime is hard to come by, what with the government having decided that the file-hosting industry is evil and needs to be taken down. Even the stuff that hasn’t been licensed in America and is therefore totally legitimate for me to download and watch. Collateral damage?

I’ve been playing Earthbound. It’s pretty cool. A magic bee from the future came and told me I was the hero of the planet. And the same bee was able to deal about 12 times as much damage as any of my characters to the evil alien that attacked us. If you’re not familiar, this is the game that Ness and Lucas (of SSB fame) came from. It’s called “Mother 2” in Japan. Mother 1 never came to the US, and thus never got renamed.

School is as boring as ever, and I have tons of homework. In fact, I’m writing this post just to procrastinate my all-nighter to do said homework. I can’t wait for next year. I’ll finally be done with general requirements (read: a bunch of physics), and get to do actual programming.

Elect me next year, and I promise free pudding for everyone!*

*pudding may or may not be imaginary

Piracy Rant

With all this talk of SOPA and Piracy and Megaupload being shut down, I feel I should give my piece on the whole issue.

My stance is simple. The industry needs to change. It needs to be more oriented towards the consumer and less oriented towards their money. So called “Content Creators” have obscene amounts of money, yet still fell the need to try to charge us as much as possible for as little as possible, as often as possible. This just won’t work anymore. There is no loyalty. People don’t feel that the companies are entitled to their money, so they pirate. Their feelings are certainly reasonable. $15 to sit down for two hours and watch a movie? MILLIONS of people are doing this. You can make a good profit charging far lower.

But not all “content creators” suffer from this problem. Take a look at the Humble Indie Bundles, which sell a ton of independent games on a name-your-price basis. I could pirate ALL of these games with RIDICULOUS ease. The games are released without any form of DRM at all. Yet I don’t. I’ve bought almost ALL The Humble Bundles for an average of about $6 each. And the developers of these games have made great profits off of them!

Why? Because of loyalty. And well deserved at that. Indie developers are known for focusing primarily on the quality of their game, and making money secondarily. They’re more concerned with providing the consumer with a great game experience, and then charging what it’s worth. This is a stark contrast with the way the film and music industry runs. I don’t pirate music or movies myself, but I’m not that opposed to those who do. On the other hand, I would never consider pirating any of the Humble Bundle games, and I’ve even reprimanded a friend for suggesting I do so.

So to address the problem: All you “content creators” out there — the kind who are/were pushing SOPA with your campaign bucks — need to start gaining loyalty. To do that, you need to stop being so darn obsessed with money. America is a capitalist society. The reason that works is because it encourages people to make a quality product, and sell it at a reasonable price. If you can’t do that, you’ll be beaten by someone who does. You’re abusing the system, and trying to get as much money as you can while doing as little as you can. And you’re being beat, by the pirates.

Oh, and I have a twitter now. @truefire87